Art Advisory, Sales & Appraisals

Providing collectors, consultants, interior designers, and architects the opportunity to view and purchase original artwork by established masters & emerging artists from across the country. We also provide tips for acquiring art to new, first-time collectors enabling them to make aesthetically prudent decisions. For seasoned buyers looking to churn their collection, we help both buy & sell work.


A space which aims to build interest in art, spark imagination & foster creativity in children prepping them for a bright future in visual art. The following programs are offered & dates will be announced.

Painting Lab (Ages 8–12)

Workshop to learn how to mix your own paints and learn a variety of techniques used in works of art including watercolor, acrylic and tempera to build your own painting portfolio. Separate batches for adults & kids. Classes are limited to 30 adults/children and prior registration is required. 


Children will create their mini masterpieces in a competition & will be judged by artists based on creativity, uniqueness & novelty of idea.

Saturday stories

Everybody loves listening to stories, right from infancy, a child has a craving for tales. Short stories with moral values can be a great foundation for learning for your child. 



We plan to host a series of conversations with artists, art writers, curators, auctioneers, co-gallerists, authors, lyricists, poets, musicians, documentary & filmmakers, environmentalists, urban developers to name a few & panel discussions & talks about a range of socio-cultural issues are in the offing. 

Pop up events, exhibitions

Tangerine’s unique location at the art cafe, set in a picturesque bridge with a panoramic view of the beautiful water body & the central plaza of the Brigade Gateway complex within an art cafe which is a contemporary, chic & versatile space, lends itself perfectly to pop up art exhibitions & events such as product launches, photo shoots, non-profit meetings, classy sit down intimate dinners, small-scale performances etc. 

Tangerine also offers a wide range of services including but not limited to, gallery representation, art leasing, art consultancy, appraisals, due diligence of artworks etc.


Book an event

Have you ever wondered why a painting which looks like your 6 year old could execute better, commands multi-million dollar prices in auctions & how prices of paintings seem to regularly breach earlier records & reach earth shattering highs? Are you interested in art history and to know how to interpret art? Would you like to learn practical skills and insights into the art world? Do you wonder about the whys & the wherefores of the art market pricing, how the art market functions, prices determined, artists promoted, values assigned to works? 

If so, sign up to know more about our upcoming events or book an event for a select group of people & learn about Indian masters, their unique styles, the nuances of their work, why they’re considered masters & who are the names to watch out for. We organise art workshops & lecture demonstrations on appreciation & on how & where to start art, for a group of 15 people or more. 


Art Advisory

Appraisals & Valuation

Private Sales


Condition report & restoration advice

Art Work Installation