Tangerine was established with an objective to promote art and create an aesthetic awareness. We seek to bring art out of the confines of an esoteric gallery space and have been working with an evangelistic zeal to demystify art and to make it accessible to the commoner as much as to the connoisseur. We have been fervent crusaders campaigning for art as much for investment as for its aesthetic appeal. We believe that though art has traditionally been the prerogative of the privileged, it is only a myth that it is meant for the super rich. Today, our core groups of investors are the young, adventurous and dynamic high fliers who realize the value, advantage, prestige and privilege of investing in art. Our core groups of artists are the colossal talents from frontline art schools from across the country whose works are affordable and still poised for a quantum leap in value in the foreseeable future. We have a team of advisors with a vast repertoire of experience and Team Tangerine is confident of helping people make both financially and aesthetically prudent art investment decisions.